What are they saying about Susan's Cooking Videos?

   "This DVD was a real confidence builder. The pacing was much better than cooking shows on TV. They go too fast. I used some of your tips right away and applied them to making other dishes. For the first time, I didn't feel I had to measure everything. I even made your "Wally Dip" and it was the hit of my party!" Deb F

   "I just watched your DVD and I have to say it was so cool to watch someone show you step by step what to do. I know that when I get a cook book I hate it when it doesn't have pictures, so I think this is just great for people like me who are tired of the same old stuff and just don't want to get a cook book that is boring." Stacy O

   "Your DVD is wonderful. I trip over my own feet in the kitchen but I found the information really helpful." Holly D

   "This DVD can give anyone confidence to make these dishes and others. I could really follow along with what you were doing." Diana A

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