Recipes On DVD Volume 1


Think Chicken Cacciatore is difficult? Think again. Want an easy tasty workday meal for the family? Try the Chicken Diane. Learn how to make the best soul pleasing hardy Chicken Soup. It's a meal by itself and better than Penicillin. Want something fun for the kids? Try Susan's Pizza. So join Susan in her kitchen where you learn more than just recipes. You learn how to cook. 

"A step by step cooking video on DVD with lots of cooking tips"

Susan's Italian Chicken Soup (22 minutes) 
…comfort food at its best 

Chicken Cacciatore (11 minutes)
…surprise! It's easy to make! 

Grandma's Chicken (12½ minutes) 
…a foolproof delicious mid-week cutlet 

Poor Man's Pâté AKA: Chopped Chicken Liver (15 minutes)
…an inexpensive hearty treat 

Baked Chicken Diane (6 minutes)
…easy, cheap, and tasty too! 

Plus bonus recipes: 
   Susan's Pizza & Marinara Sauce (9 minutes) 
      …you may never buy expensive jarred sauce again - Fun for kids too! 

   Sautéed Cabbage (8 minutes)
     …tired of all the old vegetables, try this 

When you purchase "Great Soup Recipes", Susan will give you 3 months of free email support to answer any questions you may have regarding these recipes.

"Great Chicken Recipes" - DVD
Interactive DVD Menu - Chapter Points
$14.95 per DVD + $3.95 Shipping and Handling


Packaging includes 1 DVD-R (7 recipes/83 minutes) and printed recipes
Length: 83 minutes   Rated: G Format: NTSC/Color/Full Screen/Stereo   DVD Region: All

To make your life easier, we have created the Great Chicken Recipes' grocery list. 

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